Weekend Shenanigans 

 The boys like salt a LOT. Well, C likes it and E think many of the things C does are cool so E pretends to like salt too. Apparently they also like to grind it into J’s mouth as a tasty treat! 

C even licks when he doesn’t get any salt in his mouth…..
Playing games at lunch time. 
My painted coffe filter hat and E wearing my glasses. Funniest thing ever to a 2 year old!   

C drew, colored, nailed together this wooden Mario. 
J chopped up pizza toppings and we all made little veggie pizzas for dinner. C set up a “fancy” table for us. 


Last Week

The kids both found dead adult cicadas so they role played with them and made up stories. It was a little creepy 😉   
We went for a bike ride (both boys’ bikes broke over a mile from the house). E collapsed with frustration about something during our lunch break….


Stopped to take a picture and E wrecked his broken bike….

 C caught a butterfly.  
Everyone was over joyed when we made it home and we immediately buried the children in the sand.


And then we had a tea party. 🙂 


This kid. DSC06371

Last night he woke up around 11:30 needing to go to the bathroom. And because he’s 2, he needs help with that and because I sleep lightly I get to help him with that. Then he needed a drink from his “wa bobble” and fell back asleep with a smile on his face.

But at 4:39 am he woke again, knowing somehow it was getting closer to morning and  he insisted, as he does every morning, that he needed to go downstairs and sleep on the couch. After lots of loud complaining, he was convinced to sleep beside me in bed (J vacated the bed and went somewhere?). But I couldn’t get back to sleep because my uterus was complaining (yay, thanks!). And sneaking away from The World’s Most Alert Sleeping Two Year Old didn’t work so right now I’m medicated, on the couch, with a loudly snoozing kid-with-a-cold beside me. It’s 5:51 am. But hey! At least I have some ibuprofen in my system so now my head and jaw won’t hurt as much today and maybe I can be a nice parent! DSC06372

Also, it’s J’s birthday. Yay! Positivity! Need to go upstairs and turn off my alarm for 6:00….DSC06373

So yes! Monday! J’s birthday! 6 broken hours of sleep!

Ponyo Soup

One of our family traditions is Ponyo Soup. Even in the summer 🙂 It involves lots of vegetable chopping, learning how to season broth, and patience as the bowls of noodles and veggies steam.  
Then we turn on Ponyo and eat! 

C scarfed down his and E are slowly. 


Monday at Home

We seem to spend most Mondays at home. I didn’t get much sleep last night for too many nights in a row so I found myself wishing I could get away a lot. Dang big bird that wants to swoop in windows and fly away with E in the night. Certainly has put a damper on getting in rest when it is dark! 😉

C got the urge to sew today (not unusual) and he looked through his sewing book and decided to make A Little Friend. He worked on and off for 1-2 hours on this creature and got happily frustrated along the way. When he was finally done, he was so deeply proud of his work!

Being so distracted by Little Friend, even when he wanted to take a break, he didn’t concentrate much on other work. Writing lower case m is hard for him.

He ended up being silly a lot.   

E however, was pretty focused on the tool table. Why am I mildly surprised how absorbed he gets in this area, and in the electronic and snap circuits?

E also wrote today. The one in the notebook was a grocery list I heard him narrating while he wrote. 

Thursday at Louisville Zoo

The kids and I went to the Louisville Zoo with friends then stayed the night nearby before going to scheduled cave trip on Friday. Thursday morning was busy with getting ready, packing food for the day, then loading up everyone. The boys took turns jumping over one another before we left. That kind of prep was VERY important. We stopped for donuts on our way to the zoo because E has been asking for them repeatedly. Then he fell asleep in his carseat on the way, slept in my arms in the donut shop, slept while I transferred him back into the carseat, and then for another hour or so. C however, delighted asked for his “candlvwax donut” as soon as we got back into the van. Icing on donuts apparently resembles candle wax….


At the zoo we saw lots of imprisoned and depressed animals.


E begged to be held but walked much of the hours long trip.   


More sad animals, safe in their prisons but constantly seeking freedom. My friend and I lamented their dismal lives and our participation in their captivity.


The little human animals wandered fairly freely though and frequently camouflaged themselves in their surroundings. It was super tricky finding them….


Also, C finally got to see bamboo, something he’s been asking about lately.


The zoo has a nice splash pad that the kids played at for a while. In this photo you also see an adult human grabbing her juvenile human animal for unknown reasons. Probably to avoid getting plowed down by C…..


C posed for a shot. E adjusted his sunglasses with careful precision.


We learned about wallabies, rushed E to the bathroom, then wandered a bit more before E collapsed in exhaustion and despair over the long day.


Finally we departed shortly before the zoo closed. And got stuck in traffic or an hour. But don’t worry, I kept the kids awake by throwing candy and leftover donuts at them and singing and talking a lot. Also, I didn’t wreck. And I breathed deeply because my maps app got confused by all the road construction and sent us on a detour 3 miles away that u-turned us BACK into another interstate of stopped traffic. It was AWESOME. C shouted out “Hey, I see the city and the river AGAIN!!” when we finally made it back toward our route.


We found a half dead cat at my friend’s mother’s house. See that baby climbing over the deck rail trying to get the sick cat? I was supposed to be watching him while his mom was inside. Fortunately I grabbed him before he tumbled to his death on top of a disturbingly ill cat. We then hiked through a very thorny woods to a creek. A few of the 5 kids cried during this short trip. Thorns bother small kids apparently. The adults managed to keep the atmosphere lively and adventurous though! 


Finally it was dinner, one episode of Curious George, then bedtime in a strange house (for my kids). The thrill of sleeping on an air mattress kept C awake. The terror of a huge bird flying in the window and grabbing and flying off with E kept him awake. Both kids kept me awake. Eventually, after E sobbed and screamed and nothing I did calmed him, we went downstairs where the birds couldn’t get him. C followed us after a while and both boys fell asleep on me. So the friend and the friend’s mother and I sat up talking for a while. It was nice. 🙂 Then I hauled the kids back upstairs and we managed to sleep some before E woke at his normal early hour and the next day began. 🙂

Wednesday at Home

The day started out normal. There was swinging in the dining room:

And garden harvesting:

After a while though, things went crazy and we found thousands of pumpkins growing around the house! E trapped a moth on the stairs in a jar! The boys made a disaster! (Several of them….) And C made a movie theater with a PIECE OF PAPER!!

Then everything turned into learning! Numbers all over the place! Writing and shapes and thinking and PLAY DOUGH!!!!

Finally there was absolute CHAOS and the children began singing and dancing and PERFORMING!!!!! ON TOP OF TABLES AND DESKS!!!!   


I know, I know. It’s all so thrilling that you are balancing on the edge of your seat.

While I was eating my dinner though, these masked creatures ran by the table (repeatedly) and tried to harass me. Then they climbed tree, which worried the little one.

That was our day. 😉

A Fish

Breakfast on stools at my house:IMG_8028

Morning exercises at my house: IMG_8033

Later, after the crazynormal time ended, we went to my sister’s house. C found a tiny fish tank at a garage sale over the weekend which was timely since he’s been asking for a fish for a while. So we got a few books, he set everything up, we read the books, and visiting my sister for more advice. She has several beautiful tanks and we watched her feed her fish minnows and bloodworms. Pretty freaking cool seeing them gulp minnows down. 😉IMG_8035

So C picked out his betta fish (while being extremely distracted by a billion other small animals), named him Gazoolom, and brought him home. Lots of excitement and waiting and then he dumped the fish in his tank and smiled a lot. IMG_8048

This is how he looks when he’s bursting with joy inside. Silent and delighted, like every molecule in him has just been overwhelmed with glee at his accomplishment. Then he gives me a giant, tight, and quick hug and beams with pride and joy. It’s really one of my favorite parts of being his mom. 🙂 IMG_8041

Later he grabbed his new math book and worked on it for a while. We were mostly going to do hands on things this year but C is very interested in doing “school” so I found a curriculum that seemed pretty grounded in problem solving and “doing” and we just started on it. C wants to do school a lot now!

The Making Day

Today the kids seemed to make and do a lot. In the kitchen. First there was a need to make bread dough and since i already had some rising in the oven, I let them attack that. And they did, with gusto and messiness and aprons. 

E moved on to washing dishes that were already clean.

C mopped the floor that hasn’t been mopped in months.   

Then C packed a lunch cooler, made PBJs, and set up a lunch picnic inside. He helpfully showed E how to use the “table” to prop up his feet while he ate.

We went to the park with friends and it was really hot and humid. Came home for reading, quiet time, show, and more working. Somehow (?) the boys got started on “cleaning” everything again but this time they used spray bottles filled with water. They sprayed, squeegeed (an actual word?), and wiped (or didn’t wipe) every window in the area and all the flat surfaces. And each other. And themselves. And the car windows. 

And then I left. Monday is my night off this week since I’ll be out of town with the boys Thursday and Friday. So I sat and read The Martian very quickly so I could simply finish it and NOT be absorbed in reading it anymore and get back to my real life. And I read a few curriculum books. And planned my life. And then read some more. And went home. 🙂


The boys ate breakfast with their cash registers (C bought his yesterday with his own money). Later we had to sep up a store to use these more. IMG_7990

We went to a little German cafe to meet someone to buy something. And since we were there, J suggested we buy a couple cookies (he loves this place and goes here often). So I let the kids choose 2 tiny cookies each but the cafe sells them by the 1/2 pound so I thought, hey, lets just buy some extras. And, oops, then we ate all except 3.5 cookies that I swiped away to save for J. Yum! IMG_7992

Down to the mailbox to mail a letter C wrote to his cousin B. Funny story, between me addressing and stamping his envelope he taped on a tiny box with a marble in it and I didn’t notice. Our sweet mail carrier left the letter in our mailbox with a note that we would need to take it to the post office to send it with a package. Hehehe. We walked all the way to the mailbox and I didn’t see C’s letter had become a package! Anyway, we hauled the trash and recycling containers back to the house afterward. I reflected on how E may not want to help with the morning kitchen cleaning (ever) but both boys volunteer to help very often and perhaps someday they will after all grow into hardworking people. 😉IMG_8007

For school we just painted with our new liquid watercolors. IMG_7995

We helped my SIL and BIL move their belongings to our basement to store while they look for a new house. And with all the open doors, Coconut Cat sneaked in. I found him sleeping in my bed a couple hours later. 😉IMG_8006

Thursday is my night off, C calls it “Private Mama Time”. I met a friend for dinner and talked a lot without any interruptions (except for the quiet and polite server). It was relaxing and refreshing!