So this is me, Sarah. I’m 30 years old (whoa!) and a Stay at Home Mom to a darling baby boy. I was a 4th grade teacher for 7 years and must admit that teaching 30 ten year olds was easier than managing a house and parenting 1 baby!


This is J, my amazing husband for 4 years. I think he looks sparkly in this photo, like Edward Cullen in sunlight. Hehehe. J is a software engineer and house fixer upper extraordinaire.


This is our baby, C. He was born at home on August 22, 2010 and is a super drooly, smiley, and friendly baby. He pretty much loves anyone within view. Scary strangers: ignore that last sentence.


This is our house. In December 2010, My hubby J and I bought a bank owned house that had been vacant for about 2 years. We worked on ridding it of: mold, animals, leaves, and cold for 1 month before moving in. Since then, we’ve been happily slaving away and making it warm and cozy!

Facts about me:

  • Writing is my escape. Without it I tend become overwhelmed with life.
  • I like washing dishes and doing laundry.
  • I hate loading the dishwasher and folding laundry.

For now, that is all. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!


Tell me what you are thinking! Leave a reply :)

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