Coffee! I bought some green coffee beans so yesterday we all participated in our inaugural roast. First batch was too dark and second was too light but it was fun and we smelled like woody coffee beans afterward. We all got a kick listening to the beans crack!   

E wanted to use play dough so they worked on that this morning. Then E cleaned it all up and even wiped the table (with the bathroom towel he got wet for a washcloth).


This was my kids’ reaction to me saying: lets just brush teeth and skip doing your hair today. Glee and giant hugs….   
C was glad to see Ruby again after we got home from the library. 


Using our “paint with water and it disappears” paper during afternoon school. I can’t remember that E was drawing. Maybe a hurricane?   

C saved his money and bought a violin. He’s been playing it and the house echoes with horrifying and sometimes sweet sounds. He’s pretty happy with his purchase.