We got a new dog. Why? Because she’s cute. She’s a loaner but I’m wondering if we will just end up keeping her. We’ll see. She smells like a dog and will be big and shed fur everywhere but she’s darling and gentle and the boys adore her. Also, she’s a tiny puppy and eats everything, such as pens:   
  Also we got a new drill. It’s much more useful and low maintiannce than the dog.  
The kids pulled out the electronics bin this morning and spent a while hooking wires to batteries and such.   
Ruby Mae napped in the sunlight. Sadie, our 10 year old dog, refuses to accept the puppy and pretty much despises the vibrance of youth. That’s not poop on the rug, it’s leaves dragged in by the cheery puppy. There have been plenty of dog accidents in the house the past few days though. Sigh. 


E needed me to take this picture because climbing the wood pile is “my favowite thing to do!”. His words, not mine.