Yesterday we went to the library for story time and it went well! Did I tell you I banned the kids and I from going to the library together? Yep, that happened. We needed a break from our weekly visits and I reflected on why they seem rough and scattered to me. So yesterday we made another attempt, this time with a few new rules: the boys would stay off the computers, talk respectfully, and follow directions. I would drink my coffee, not yell, and read Caden lots of books while were were there (instead of choosing books). So yeah, we stayed mostly calm and mostly occupied the whole (2 hour!) visit.

The we went home, ate lunch, read, had quiet time and show, and played with play dough! DSC06456

C needed to play Go Fish afterward. DSC06461

E insisted on joining. Both kids are still learning how to play games and are very eager! They do happily volunteer cards when they glimpse another person has that card…..DSC06462

E was so delighted to play!DSC06463

C counted all his pairs and mine. Still skips 14 and 15 (he’s ALWAYS done this, it’s genetic?) and stumbles sometimes with 20s. DSC06467

Also, after quiet time my kids usually come downstairs dressed up in who knows what. Here’s E yesterday.  DSC06468

C the day before.IMG_8334

And E that day also. IMG_8339

They often raid J and my closet. 😉