Yesterday E worked examined algae from the creek trip and found a tiny red worm in it. He became obsessed with pulling it out but it got lost in the muck and we all were forced to search for it for a while before giving up! Then he moved on to playing with the trains.DSC06402

C lined up letters in alphabetical order, using an alphabet sheet to help him. As he was sounding some letters out (he is interested in this but only mildly) I showed him with the cards how to combine the b-e-d sounds to make the word bed. His little mind nearly exploded for a brief second and I saw a spark of recognition in his eyes. It was  a lovely moment, reminding me that YES, someday my kid will read. DSC06403

Here he is combines letters to spell his grandfather’s name. He stayed pretty focused on the alphabet and was only distracted by trains at letter t. DSC06406

E pretending to be a puppy. We play dogs much of the time around here and this is part of E’s personality that pops out all day long. My canine kid…. DSC06427

The boys played int eh sprinkler while I was watering the garden. It’s been so dry lately! DSC06441

C got water up his nose.DSC06445

E’s “ready, set, go!” routine during a sprinkler run. Later he sweetly asked “Can I pick dis one, Mama? Yes? Yes?” about a sweet pepper and when I said “no” he quickly accepted and dashed off. It’s nice when my answers are accepted that quickly! 092015