We went to a new park yesterday and did what kids do best: explore and splash in water.   
E collected 2 snail and mussel shells and a few sticks and lost them all by the end of the trip. 🙂

I sat and looked at the trees while E ambled around and C built a dam with some friends.    

Also I found this cool fungi-ed pice of wood. 


More dam building. Only actually we were just making the “waterfall” higher so the water would splash louder. 🙂    
E brings more rocks over.

We found a tree wit algae growing on it and C really loved this area. Played with it for a while and we collected a bit to bring home and study.   
E attempted to walk on the same tree but didn’t feel safe so he turned back. 

 The cup of algae being used as an underwater rocket. C shouted triumphantly “Look, I made my very first rocket!” when he discovered the air in the container would cause it to shoot to the surface after he held it under water.   
We came home and did some coloring, cutting, and learning. Then went outside to paint with water on the driveway. 


C drifted off after a while but E stayed and wrote. He knows letters e, c, and s so far.