We seem to spend most Mondays at home. I didn’t get much sleep last night for too many nights in a row so I found myself wishing I could get away a lot. Dang big bird that wants to swoop in windows and fly away with E in the night. Certainly has put a damper on getting in rest when it is dark! 😉

C got the urge to sew today (not unusual) and he looked through his sewing book and decided to make A Little Friend. He worked on and off for 1-2 hours on this creature and got happily frustrated along the way. When he was finally done, he was so deeply proud of his work!

Being so distracted by Little Friend, even when he wanted to take a break, he didn’t concentrate much on other work. Writing lower case m is hard for him.

He ended up being silly a lot.   

E however, was pretty focused on the tool table. Why am I mildly surprised how absorbed he gets in this area, and in the electronic and snap circuits?

E also wrote today. The one in the notebook was a grocery list I heard him narrating while he wrote.