The kids and I went to the Louisville Zoo with friends then stayed the night nearby before going to scheduled cave trip on Friday. Thursday morning was busy with getting ready, packing food for the day, then loading up everyone. The boys took turns jumping over one another before we left. That kind of prep was VERY important. We stopped for donuts on our way to the zoo because E has been asking for them repeatedly. Then he fell asleep in his carseat on the way, slept in my arms in the donut shop, slept while I transferred him back into the carseat, and then for another hour or so. C however, delighted asked for his “candlvwax donut” as soon as we got back into the van. Icing on donuts apparently resembles candle wax….


At the zoo we saw lots of imprisoned and depressed animals.


E begged to be held but walked much of the hours long trip.   


More sad animals, safe in their prisons but constantly seeking freedom. My friend and I lamented their dismal lives and our participation in their captivity.


The little human animals wandered fairly freely though and frequently camouflaged themselves in their surroundings. It was super tricky finding them….


Also, C finally got to see bamboo, something he’s been asking about lately.


The zoo has a nice splash pad that the kids played at for a while. In this photo you also see an adult human grabbing her juvenile human animal for unknown reasons. Probably to avoid getting plowed down by C…..


C posed for a shot. E adjusted his sunglasses with careful precision.


We learned about wallabies, rushed E to the bathroom, then wandered a bit more before E collapsed in exhaustion and despair over the long day.


Finally we departed shortly before the zoo closed. And got stuck in traffic or an hour. But don’t worry, I kept the kids awake by throwing candy and leftover donuts at them and singing and talking a lot. Also, I didn’t wreck. And I breathed deeply because my maps app got confused by all the road construction and sent us on a detour 3 miles away that u-turned us BACK into another interstate of stopped traffic. It was AWESOME. C shouted out “Hey, I see the city and the river AGAIN!!” when we finally made it back toward our route.


We found a half dead cat at my friend’s mother’s house. See that baby climbing over the deck rail trying to get the sick cat? I was supposed to be watching him while his mom was inside. Fortunately I grabbed him before he tumbled to his death on top of a disturbingly ill cat. We then hiked through a very thorny woods to a creek. A few of the 5 kids cried during this short trip. Thorns bother small kids apparently. The adults managed to keep the atmosphere lively and adventurous though! 


Finally it was dinner, one episode of Curious George, then bedtime in a strange house (for my kids). The thrill of sleeping on an air mattress kept C awake. The terror of a huge bird flying in the window and grabbing and flying off with E kept him awake. Both kids kept me awake. Eventually, after E sobbed and screamed and nothing I did calmed him, we went downstairs where the birds couldn’t get him. C followed us after a while and both boys fell asleep on me. So the friend and the friend’s mother and I sat up talking for a while. It was nice. 🙂 Then I hauled the kids back upstairs and we managed to sleep some before E woke at his normal early hour and the next day began. 🙂