The day started out normal. There was swinging in the dining room:

And garden harvesting:

After a while though, things went crazy and we found thousands of pumpkins growing around the house! E trapped a moth on the stairs in a jar! The boys made a disaster! (Several of them….) And C made a movie theater with a PIECE OF PAPER!!

Then everything turned into learning! Numbers all over the place! Writing and shapes and thinking and PLAY DOUGH!!!!

Finally there was absolute CHAOS and the children began singing and dancing and PERFORMING!!!!! ON TOP OF TABLES AND DESKS!!!!   


I know, I know. It’s all so thrilling that you are balancing on the edge of your seat.

While I was eating my dinner though, these masked creatures ran by the table (repeatedly) and tried to harass me. Then they climbed tree, which worried the little one.

That was our day. 😉