Breakfast on stools at my house:IMG_8028

Morning exercises at my house: IMG_8033

Later, after the crazynormal time ended, we went to my sister’s house. C found a tiny fish tank at a garage sale over the weekend which was timely since he’s been asking for a fish for a while. So we got a few books, he set everything up, we read the books, and visiting my sister for more advice. She has several beautiful tanks and we watched her feed her fish minnows and bloodworms. Pretty freaking cool seeing them gulp minnows down. 😉IMG_8035

So C picked out his betta fish (while being extremely distracted by a billion other small animals), named him Gazoolom, and brought him home. Lots of excitement and waiting and then he dumped the fish in his tank and smiled a lot. IMG_8048

This is how he looks when he’s bursting with joy inside. Silent and delighted, like every molecule in him has just been overwhelmed with glee at his accomplishment. Then he gives me a giant, tight, and quick hug and beams with pride and joy. It’s really one of my favorite parts of being his mom. 🙂 IMG_8041

Later he grabbed his new math book and worked on it for a while. We were mostly going to do hands on things this year but C is very interested in doing “school” so I found a curriculum that seemed pretty grounded in problem solving and “doing” and we just started on it. C wants to do school a lot now!