Today the kids seemed to make and do a lot. In the kitchen. First there was a need to make bread dough and since i already had some rising in the oven, I let them attack that. And they did, with gusto and messiness and aprons. 

E moved on to washing dishes that were already clean.

C mopped the floor that hasn’t been mopped in months.   

Then C packed a lunch cooler, made PBJs, and set up a lunch picnic inside. He helpfully showed E how to use the “table” to prop up his feet while he ate.

We went to the park with friends and it was really hot and humid. Came home for reading, quiet time, show, and more working. Somehow (?) the boys got started on “cleaning” everything again but this time they used spray bottles filled with water. They sprayed, squeegeed (an actual word?), and wiped (or didn’t wipe) every window in the area and all the flat surfaces. And each other. And themselves. And the car windows. 

And then I left. Monday is my night off this week since I’ll be out of town with the boys Thursday and Friday. So I sat and read The Martian very quickly so I could simply finish it and NOT be absorbed in reading it anymore and get back to my real life. And I read a few curriculum books. And planned my life. And then read some more. And went home. 🙂