The boys ate breakfast with their cash registers (C bought his yesterday with his own money). Later we had to sep up a store to use these more. IMG_7990

We went to a little German cafe to meet someone to buy something. And since we were there, J suggested we buy a couple cookies (he loves this place and goes here often). So I let the kids choose 2 tiny cookies each but the cafe sells them by the 1/2 pound so I thought, hey, lets just buy some extras. And, oops, then we ate all except 3.5 cookies that I swiped away to save for J. Yum! IMG_7992

Down to the mailbox to mail a letter C wrote to his cousin B. Funny story, between me addressing and stamping his envelope he taped on a tiny box with a marble in it and I didn’t notice. Our sweet mail carrier left the letter in our mailbox with a note that we would need to take it to the post office to send it with a package. Hehehe. We walked all the way to the mailbox and I didn’t see C’s letter had become a package! Anyway, we hauled the trash and recycling containers back to the house afterward. I reflected on how E may not want to help with the morning kitchen cleaning (ever) but both boys volunteer to help very often and perhaps someday they will after all grow into hardworking people. 😉IMG_8007

For school we just painted with our new liquid watercolors. IMG_7995

We helped my SIL and BIL move their belongings to our basement to store while they look for a new house. And with all the open doors, Coconut Cat sneaked in. I found him sleeping in my bed a couple hours later. 😉IMG_8006

Thursday is my night off, C calls it “Private Mama Time”. I met a friend for dinner and talked a lot without any interruptions (except for the quiet and polite server). It was relaxing and refreshing!