This was the fish cake from yesterday, btw. It seemed to satisfy E’s desires. 😉

So yesterday I had an appointment at 9:00 then we were heading to the state fair. With preparations for a day’s worth of food and supplies, morning cuddles, breakfast, and all we worked hard to get out of the house on time but we made it. Whew!

We met friends at the shuttle area and stood around for nearly an hour in a very long line awaiting the bus. In the end we did not save time and probably should have just parked at the fairgrounds. Oh well! The bus was fun and as soon as we go to the fair we had to find the restrooms and THEN start exploring. C had a fun interaction with a Navy diver in a pool-like water display (set up to lure children into the armed forces of course). He was pretty delighted and talked about it on and off the rest of the day. We looked at the farming in historical times areas, then went on this little fame scavenger hunt type thing (it was very civilized and orderly!). There were pedal tractors to ride and baskets to collect things in, it was a big hit.

Then we went to the FFA building and C thought this cow looked fun. He was surprised when I asked if I could take his picture, apparently joy comes from pretending you are a cow when you can’t really see what you look like as a cow. Oh adulthood. 😉

We played putt putt, which E took pretty seriously. He was awful at it tried very hard and hit with the tip of his club but celebrated every time he hit or pushed (with his hands) the ball into the hole. We lost interest after about 5 holes.

There also was a playground in the FFA building where E was extremely occupied and C delighted in playing with our friends. He pushed them on the tire swing and played tag while E was absorbed in climbing and using diggers.

Then we went past a tractor supply place and ended up staying there for quite a while. The kids simply wandered from tractor to tractor, climbing and pretending on each of them. 

E exclaimed great affection for the smaller ones we found in the back. “I really love dis tractor!” and I found him happily hugging all the equipment. There were even closed eyes hugs.

After eating most of the healthy food I packed, the boys began to scope out their treats. C got a bag of cotton candy that he shared with us while we watched an acrobat show. It was spellbinding for C, I’m pretty sure E was ready to fall asleep lulled by the sitting and not moving. I really enjoyed watching C’s reactions and gasps of amazement here!

Then we went fishing at the DNR pond. E sprawled on the hot concrete and nearly fell asleep while all the 5 year olds and up listened to directions and education on fishing. Finally we made it to the pond area and E needed to go to the bathroom. So I left C with his fishing pole and our DNR volunteer and dashed off with E. When we got back, we found C had caught 3 fish, the last being pretty big! So here’s a placeholder C With Fish photo that I took later.

It was dinner now so we found some dinner (grilled cheese!) and bought E his root b-beer (he shared it with C), rode the tractor bus around the fairgrounds back to our shuttle bus. Rode the bus back to our parking lot. Rode our van back to the house. Boys were exhausted. C wanted to stay awake but they both fell asleep in the van pretty quickly.   

I’d planned on getting back to our house at 2:00 and instead were home at 7:30. So yeah, it was a fun day. 😉