So we went to meet a new homeschool group to hang out with. And my kids ended up doing this: E got hurt (even bit?) multiple times and C wanted to go get a park map so we ended up wandering off a bit early. We are much more suited for exploring the woods I suppose. 😉

When we last hiked here (2 weeks ago?) this creek bed was flooded. Now it’s dry!

So wer were abel to wander around a lot more and wade. Also, we saw several pieces of litter and decided we really need to bring a trash bag with us at all times to help clean up. Reminds me of how we have to keep dollar bills in our vehicle to hand to people asking for money on the side of the road.   

C found lots of tiny, greenish mussels. Still need to officially ID them.

Climbing up tree roots to get up the creek bank.   

Back at home we had snacks, reading, and quiet time. I never know what the kids will be dressed like when they come out of their room. Also, this is C showing me their (wrongly set) clock to make sure I know quiet time is over.

Kefir chalk art. We used our milk kefir thrice yesterday! In smoothies, art, and E’s fish cake. 

Here is the making of the Fish Cake. E has been asking to make this (whatever it really is) for almost 2 weeks. A peach cobbler would not suffice, nor did cookies. It had to be  “valilla fish cake” but he didn’t want it (thankfully) made of fish. The boys give thumbs up while tasting the batter, C gave his “little kid” thumbs up. Then E decided to eat a zucchini like and apple.

And finally dinner on the screened in porch. Fish cake for dessert. 😉