Last month E turned 32 months and I just got around to taking his bi-monthly photo. Only 3 weeks late. Meh. He told us (mostly) what he wanted to write on his wall. 😉DSC06150

And since we’re 3 weeks late with one, may as well be 2 weeks early with the other kid. We were on a roll! C is getting a little self conscious about these pictures, he KNOWS in a very aware way now that they are part of Historical Record while it’s still a game for E. DSC06177

Of course he’s a crazy kid after. 😉


C had to don protective gear to capture an adult cicada. Gloves and headphones were very necessary. E simply sat and observed, while continuing to be a doggie. You can see his leash, the one I had to take off after he was sleeping (never before) and had to get first thing in the morning when his second sentence “Mama, I want you to hold me” was “Mama, where’s my leash?!?!?”.

DSC06193 DSC06198

Later we did school. This kid was clingy since he hadn’t eaten all his lunch but he did enjoy piano time.


This kid enjoyed working with numbers. DSC06199

He made this name badge last week when he found an extendable card thingie (?) and loves to wear it.


Later there was the discovery that we had cornstarch so we MUST mix it with water. I was grateful for the warm weather so it could be taken outside.

Like a work of art from above. 😉

Then the outdoor tent HAD to be set up inside. 

Bedtime’s hot milk was sipped from from tiny cups but poured very messily.

The babies were parked by the tent and the boys went to bed.