When J came home from work on Tuesday, all E wanted to do was cuddle. We were looking at pictures the new tiny baby of our friends and my kids wanted to know more about E’s own experience in the NICU when he was a newborn. Hearing about it it seemed to make E sad and withdrawn and all he wanted was to be held close. When J arrived, E immediately went up to him and said “I want my daddy” and curled into J for a several quiet minutes. C however, was excited about his pumpkin and drew everyone’s attention to it. 😉


The next day we move on to picking a sunflower but first I asked the boys to pose for their yearly “Children with Tall Sunflowers” picture. I only snapped one before E dashed away with general glee for life because standing still is for losers.

DSC06112-001 DSC06113-001

C with his tall treasure. And then he had to hug it.

DSC06121-001 DSC06126-001

And remove everything covering the not-ripe-at-all seeds.


While E balanced walking over the stem/trunk and chanted funny little rhymes to himself. Also, he’s wearing C’s shorts and very obviously needed to go to the bathroom which he did, next to a tree, right after this shot.


Then they dressed up in strange costumes, watched their daily 20 minute show, and picked their noses. It was awesome.