Way back in January, I recoded a conversation C and I had and decided to write some of it down.

We were driving by a cemetery and C and I happened to have a discussion about dying. I mentioned some people choose to be buried in a cemetery and some want to be cremated. Which of course meant I was then asked what cremation was….. New territory to wander with my 4 year old.

C: When you get old and sick and die, I’ll sit next to your bed and hold your hand and juice and toast and give you courage, mama.

Me: That will probably help me.

C: And I want to be buried next to you!

Me: I hope we both live a super duper long time, I’m sad we’re going to die too. But it will be in a very long time hopefully.

C: I don’t like it.

Me: I don’t like it either. I don’t think anyone wants to die.

C: No, not even my great grandfather.

Me: Sometimes when people are really old and really sick, they are tired of being alive and they think it might be okay to die.

C: Have you heard of when people get super duper sad and they die?

Me: Oh, like dying of a broken heart like in that book we read?

C: Silence

Me: It’s a good thing we’re still alive right now though, I love being alive.

C: I’m sad Mama, don’t turn into ashes.

Me: I will not turn into ashes for a long time, I will try to stay alive for a while.

C: Don’t turn into ashes when you die. I want you to die in a gravestone.

Me: Oh, you want me to be buried and not cremated?

C: Uh huh, I’m scared of cremated. I don’t like you getting cremated.

Me: That makes sense.

C: Mama, go in a gravestone. After you get sick and have a fever and die.

Me: Okay.

C: Yeah, I’m scared cause nobody I ever know goed cremated.

Me: You’re scared of cremation?

C: Yeah, they turn on an oven and then they hot you up. I don’t want to be cremated.

Me: Then we won’t do cremated. We’ll do burying, like we buried our chick who died.

C: Okay.

There was a lot more but that all I have time for now. E, who listened in on the conversation, is now adamantly against cremation. Pretty sure I was also as a child; who wants to be burned when they can be buried in the ground? 😉 We haven’t had a lot of conversations about death lately, C seemed to be going through a phase, one that most 4 year olds do, and he’s moved on to other things now.