After breakfast, before teeth brushing, the boys usually get their candy of the day. IF they remember to ask for it; I don’t remind them otherwise. Sometimes it’s a great motivator to finish their food, as you can see from E’s mouth stuffed with scrambled eggs. 

Chef C is delighted with his choice of sweets.

Yesterday we went to the creek behind our house and E discussed his thoughts on life with a rock before tossing it into the cold depths.   

C found a crawdad/crayfish. Well, I actually found it and caught it but C was its happy care giver. 😉

He loves searching for and catching these things then building them a secure pool and filling it with the tiny crustaceans.  

Also, C (1 month away from 5 years old) is getting long and thin. E (2.5) still retains his toddler chub though! C is quite nearly all of the time moving and shaping or experiencing his world. E is very devoted to pretending (with whatever he is holding) and living in a world he’s verbally creating.
We stayed at the creek for a while, wading, searching for creatures, and throwing lots of rocks.