E was a such a silly kid at dinner on Monday. Laughing and dive bombing with hugs and such so I took a break with him upstairs where he could get his energy out for a moment. Also, it hurts to get a fierce hug from a lunatic 2 year old who has raced across the room with arms wide open to crash into you. 

The boys slept in their tent fort that night. Eventually. C set it up with all the things they needed for their little house: laundry bin, clock, suitcase, lots of pillows, blankets, water bottle, and hand sanitizer. Then they fell asleep listening to Frog and Toad on C’s old, old phone. 

They are always sweeter when they are sleeping. 😉

Yesterday we had moremoremore rain (yay?) and since there was no thunder or lightning and my kids were filthy, the boys were sent outside to play. No need for baths! 😉


C experimented with throwing his umbrella up in the air and watching it float down. Until part of it broke and he decided to stop. Then he grabbed E’s umbrella, much to E’s chagrin, and went to his room to calm down alone and dry and change.


E and I stayed out and splashed in the warm puddles.


It was so hot and then it rained so much that steam started rising from the ground when the rain stopped.


C finally came out dressed in his “fancy clothes” and E insisted he follow suite and we all go to Geema’s house. Also, I was sick of my darling children so we did, we got dressed in our fancy clothes and went to my mom’s house.