Thursday morning started like a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Here you see both boys teary on the couch, preparing to eat a snack, read books, then head to the library. Everyone cried at some point this morning. So it goes.

C found ornaments in our garage sale stuff and gathered them with glee. He piled them on the counter and chose which he would hang on and outside tree, then told me on his way out: Mama, can you do me a favor please? When I get back, I expect all these ornaments to be hanged around the house. Now get to work on that. 

We used thumdtacks and cork board to have swell time. C made a Link shield, E made a double sided platform. 

C has been writing numbers a lot lately. Well, copying numbers. Here he wanted to put prices on the garage sale items. Also, our garage sale has been delayed by rain until next weekend. Sigh.

C said: Look Mama, I have so much money! I’m rich!   Hehehehe. He has $13. I’ve been reading how to teach kids (4 and 2 year olds) financial skills and we decided to start giving C a $2 paycheck to teach him how to handle his own money. So far it’s helped him decide buying french fries and water would be w waste of time, to leave various thrilling toys in a store, and to spend on mainly chewing gum. 4 year old life priorities and all. 😉 Also, he’s very eager to buy gifts for cousins using his own money and gave $1 to a cousin to put in Father’s Day card she made at our house. So he’s still generous but is learning to temper the spending. 

E and I played with people and “amimals”. Here he repeatedly threatened to “lawn tractored me down” until all the little people were lying helpless on the table. It was a tragedy for sure and it’s only his general sweetness that assures me he will indeed NOT become a rampant murderer.  

C made me this picture: It’s you Mama, and a heart because I love you. Awwwwwwww.  

Then he took his little easel outside for some inspiration (staring at the side of our house) and tongue biting concentration.

E joined him with The Tractor and all the perished people who miraculously recovered.   

Then I thawed and cooked dinner (gourmet!!!) and C prepared a space outside for a picnic, complete with hats to keep the blinding sun out of our eyes, diving suits (bathing suits), and a nearby wading pool. Dinner was quickly eaten and then the pool was soon splashed empty of water. Water hose was turned on next and half an hour later both boys were soaked. It was 70 degrees outside and not at all sunny…..