It’s been raining a lot lately (yay!) but in general we have thunderstorms, not just rain showers. Today brought a multitude of delightful showers and the boys took full advantage of it. I did too, weeding and dealing with the garden. 😉 

The “big grown up kid”.   

The “tiny grown up kid”.   

The tiny one with his mouth filled with air and his brain filled with thoughts.   

The wind just kept blowing in new clouds that let their rain lose on us!  

Of course crocodile play ensued. 

And later the boys turned to playing with the hose, soap on the sidewalk, the little pool, PVC pipes, and making rivers in the mulch of the flowerbed.   

Then it was time to clean up and wash off before the ever-present chiggers devoured us. After baths, C cleaned the floor that he marketed on last night. His eagerness to scrub the rug was very refreshing!  

And he stain sprayed and washed the sheets.   

This was followed by much “playing pretend”. We do this a lot around here since it is E’s deepest passion. C tends to spend half his time building and half his time playing. E spends all his time urging us to pay attention and just focus on playing. He is never quite as happy as when he’s found a companion to join him in his little worlds. Our characters in yesterday’s play were: Person (who E also referred to as Guy), Willet and Zazu, Thomas Bad Guy, Doctor (a very useful character with all the injuries sustained in the playing), and Oobie Zoobie.