These kids on Monday. C quite absorbed in lego building. E happily involved in dissecting electronics, something he turns to fairly often now. I’m not sure WHY E’s interest here surprises me. Maybe because he’s highly imaginative and I associate the mechanical pursuits with C’s “grounded in reality” pursuits? Because the pliers don’t end u talking to the wires and parts they are working on? It’s not completely typical for E to enjoy this kind of thing, but I’m quite happy to have the tools and materials out for him. It’s a good example of how I shouldn’t put my kids in a  box (obviously) and exposing them to a wide variety of things will help them be self aware and true to who they are. 


I caught C sleeping this way the other night. Moving back into bed must have been too much effort for his tired brain. 😉


C claimed a partitioned box I found at a garage sale last weekend. He made it his sewing box and put everything sewing related into its perfect area. Then he stared fondly at it for a while.   


While E busily sorted through creatures and helped them express the thoughts in their little plastic heads. 

Later in the morning we found a giant moth outside our back door. E was worried and went back inside to watch, C was cautious but delighted. Later C remarked about its “eyes” and I pulled out this photo so we could marvel at how creatures camouflage themselves or have defense mechanisms to frighten away predators. 


Then we went a bunch of places. C happily ate while walking, exploring, and dancing. E happily sipped his very special “root b-beer” then ate a little, sitting the whole time.


Last night C had trouble falling asleep again (I think he needs a later bedtime?) and he decided to fall asleep in my bed. During one of his “I need a cuddle, Mama” calls I found he’d drawn on the sheet and carpet. Sigh. He explained it this way: “The sheet was just plain white and boring so I made it beautiful!”.