It’s been a little chilly around here the last few days so the boys have been tending to stay inside. C set up a store for us and some visiting friends. Our choice of products were “rocks and clams” and when it was time to make a purchase, he’d give us money out of his cash register to pay HIM. 😉


E played lots with his little person Guy (seen upside down in his hands) and my toy animal Raquel the Raccoon.   


C picked more carrots. We went out this morning and there was a small pile of wilted ones that he admitted he picked yesterday. Also, C is going through a phase of coming to understand lies and truth. He has started to lie every day but when calmly asked “Is that a lie or a truth?” he will smile sheepishly and respond “A lie”. Then I thank him for finally being honest, deal quickly with the action that promoted him to lie, and we all move on. He’s trying to grasp jokes too, assuming they are lies so now I give him 3 choices: Is that a truth, lie, or joke? Sometimes we have to delve into the feeling behind the joke, if it is a fun for everyone joke or a tricky and manipulative joke and how the latter is not acceptable. Nuances with 4 year olds….


Our garden is pretty much finally planted.   


C and I played Go Fish. Here is C, learning to hold his cards in one hand for The Very First Time. It was fascinating to watch him silently do this, a sweet and small moment that will never quite happen again.   


Selfie with the morning cuddle boys. 🙂  


Love this silly face. 🙂  


Swimming at my sister’s. The water was so cold but C and his cousins B and L couldn’t resist! Also, it’s a bit nerve-wracking to have my 2 year old E around a pool….