Sometimes I think what we do here is normal but then I glance at the pictures I’m about to write about. Then I realize it’s not. 😉 Because children, what is “normal” for them anyway?!?

We went to a little lake beach nearby on Wednesday and I didn’t manage to take a picture of the fun the boys had. But C happily repeated it for me on dry ground later that afternoon. Here he is pretending to be a crocodile, just as he and his friends did in the water. 


And this is his seastar (on land) impression. 

What my family was doing Saturday morning. C swinging (his current favorite), J fixing a broken arm on a chair, and E pedaling his bicycle. 

Later, much to his deep sadness, E’s foot got stuck behind his pedal. It took a slathering of olive oil, some tears, and lots of tugging for it to break free. You can see in this picture (by the chub of his cheeks and flop of his arm) that he’s clearly given up on life. Don’t worry though, after a quick cuddle and the dreaded the oil being wiped off his foot, he regained his normal joy for life and quickly drove away. 🙂


And later the kids fell asleep like this. Always like this. C on his side, sometimes with blankets on and sometimes not. E on his back with the blankets pulled up no matter how much he sweats. 95% of the time THIS is how I find them when I kiss them before I go to bed. Except the cleanliness, I mostly don’t find it this clean. 


Then they are up and ready to go the next day, making pancakes and playing hard. 🙂