Last night we had a little time before bed and the kids automatically went back outside to grab their bikes. 

C has been a dedicated biker since he was 1. We gave him a balance bike for Christmas before he turned 1.5 and it became his favorite pastime for me to push him through the house (since his feet couldn’t touch the ground). By 2 he was riding it alone. At 3 we got him a pedal bike which he on and off tried without training wheels but mostly loved for its stability. Then at 3.5 he took off riding it without training wheels and has continued zooming. I would prefer he call this the zenith of his biking career though he has his sights set on a motorcycle…..

E loves this tricycle so much. 🙂 He’s been a happy machine pusher from day one: walkers, strollers, toys. He loved to push them in the house around and around. And if C happened to get to his current favorite toy first, he’ll shriek bloody murder. Still does actually….. The tricycle was claimed as his this spring when his legs were long enough to touch the ground. He pedals and scoots that thing around the driveway, his little feet scampering in a light and practiced fashion so that he never bumps the pedals or wheels anymore. He likes us to push him on the training wheels bike or sometimes the balance bike but always, always naturally makes a beeline for this tricycle. 

Occasionally he crashes. They both do. And they seem to know how to land, stop for a moment, then climb back up to riding. I guess you have to know how to land when a handlebar could impale you. 😉

They ride around and around this corner of the driveway. “Try following me!” C cries and when you do get behind him in line, he laughs and turns “Now I’m going this way, you aren’t following me!”. Because him being on the other half of a circle means the follower is going the opposite direction. 😉

And then they go to the farther reaches of the driveway because the zooming fast factor is better there. 


Gotta love these happy little bikers. 🙂 With marker and pen art on their bodies…..