We went to a local historical museum yesterday, third time (I think) we’ve been since we bought a membership  this spring. We like it there a lot. 🙂 Here’s C in the 1850’s hotel room, showing off one of his classic poses and a cool hat.  

Later we went up in a smei-hot air balloon. E has been talking about this for weeks, very excited and he could hardly wait for the ride to start. When we were reaching our altitude of 377 ft, C was grinning and enjoying every second and I was slightly nervous, I heard E quietly say “I don’t like this.” And then he decided that the balloon ride was AWFUL and he howled twice and generally held on to me very tightly, occasionally uttering “I don’t like this, lets go down.” It was a bit windy and they closed the ride after our trip. So…. We survived! 

Later we made ice cream cones and ate them outside, they boys disintegrating into a drippy sticky mess. Here they are with their uncle who is visiting.   

And then reading before bed. Always. One hour of reading, cuddling, carrots, and bottles.