While J worked on Saturday, the kids and I went to a local art museum for their spring equinox celebration. It centered around flying kites which the boys love.

C struggles to get this little kite of ours up in the air but E seems to be able to grab it and it just springs to the sky. E happily takes off running and, every time, C claps and laughs with delight for him. I really love this! Kinda figure I’d be yelling about the unfairness and why the dang thing wouldn’t fly for me so I’m pretty delighted that’s C’s reaction. I am deeply grateful that his first thought is one of joy for his brother’s accomplishment. My kids may not like to share my affection but they always seem to rejoice in the other’s triumphs, even if it is something they have struggled to do. I really hope this sticks!

Then we went walking around the trails and exploring.


Played on the art sculptures that have a sign stating “Stay Off”. 

Got some milkshakes on our way home and went down to our creek with my sister and her dogs. C fell in the mud and was angry when I snapped his picture. He stormed back up to the house and later very calmly started a conversation with me about how he was embarrassed that he fell and he didn’t want anyone to see him or take his picture. I was surprised he initiated this discussion and empathized with him. He doesn’t like to be highlighted when he’s  done something he views as a mistake. 

My sister’s dog brushed against E and he started sobbing because it broke his “sunflower” (which is actually a crocus). So we had to go up to the house to pick a new one, feebly crying all the way. 

By this point C had dashed back down to the creek again (in his boxers) and E and I ambled after him with E’s huge stick he insisted on carrying. 

Exploring a tree that fell over exposing its giant root sytem. 

Sunday was cleaning day. E chose to work on the electronic parts very contentedly for a while. C finished a bath and joined in.

Then he needed to use his little fan motor to blow flour. We took it outside and he was covered in it by the time he was done. Also, he found his orange rainboots we’ve been searching for: in the flooded sandbox, filled with water and sand. My kids’ shoes (and clothes!) are always strewn around our property when the weather gets warm. 

E was eager to help me make coffee after lunch though he continued to refuse to take off his coat or shoes. 

My kids are so weird and cool. 😉