Wednesday morning we worked around the house played with sand again (always), drilled holes in old tables, played with tangrams, and enjoyed the company of my sister and niece. It was another warm day so C, E, and L spent much of their time outside, making tents, setting up chairs and tables for snacks, and exploring. 

Also, they got pretty muddy. Had to have a quick bath before dinner. 

Dinner was shakshuka (yum!) and books for bedtime. 

Next morning C wanted to cuddle and take silly pictures to send to J. No idea what motivates most of his poses….

Then it was time to bake. C said this was pudding. E dumped a lot of sugar in it so they both enjoyed licking the bowl. 
C watched his creation in the slow cooker. And unloaded the silverware, giving each a nonsense name knife as he put it away. 

E had meltdown (again) when he didn’t eat breakfast in time (why wouldn’t we just let him go to work with J and eat french fries? It’s not that tough a request!). Finally recovered mostly and he was furious that I wanted to change his pants are his aim in the toilet wasn’t quite accurate. And then he was sad he couldn’t play with his aunt L. Finally he calmed and settled into a peaceful day, and played in the train track drawer, making the trains talk to eat other. 

We had friends over for a few hours then the boys made dinner (fish sticks and spinach ravioli). C was intrigued to see his face get bigger and smaller while he moved over the boiling water pot lid.

More outside time. We found an ant nest and some roly polies. And since we planted lettuce seeds with our friends, the kids sat to watch their seedlings grow. It’s always entertaining when they set up their chairs and then seriously occupy them with a purpose. 😉

Finally our gourmet dinner was done cooking and C set a fancy dinner table. This boy likes fancy stuff!