Is it only Tuesday? This week seems like it’s lasted longer than it really is.

C wrapped a box yesterday. He was a delivery person for a while, using the tricycle and stroller to pick up and drop off packages. Then he needed to wrap this box and it really tried his patience. He finally covered every square cm with paper and tied a bow on top. Later we made a video of him ripping it open. 

Our school group came over and we played with and made musical instruments. Later the kids played outside even though it was sprinkling and chilly. They stood here, on the edge of our side yard, discussing something very important (and unknown to me) for a while.  

E came in very wet from the rain and struggled to get off his coat. 

Hot cocoa for everyone! 

E brought in a little shovel just before dinner and used it as a broomstick. Another child of mine reliving The Wizard of Oz. He cackled and laughed and flew around on his “broom”. Unfortunately he wasn’t very careful with the shovel and the walls and also wielded it as a weapon. So into the garage the shovel went and E was broken hearted and very hungry so he cried for a long time (in the kitchen, in the dining room, under the dining room table). Finally managed to calm him down long enough to get a few bites into his tummy and he started smiling and laughing again.

Keeping kids in a state of equilibrium can be a tricky thing. You need to remember a lot of things for them since they could generally care less about stopping for food, rest, relaxation/cuddles, or even bathroom breaks. I’m still getting used to the fact that my brain must not only care for and plan out my own path, but always be tending to the two little people I guide through life. There are a lot of reminders popping up all day in my brain and a lot of checklists to go over. A reliably unending conversation of “Okay, you are acting a little crazy. Have you eaten/need to go the bathroom/need to rest with a book/need a cuddle/need to sit in a quiet room? Or are you just acting like a normal kid?”