We all slept late due to our late night and then awoke to a warm(ish) day! C decided to clean the windows, something he often did when he was 2-3 years old. 


Later we made a tent fort (campout according to C) in the upstairs hallway. Snacks and lunch were later brought up.


Found these trivets on sale and today I set them out for the boys to use. C’s was very orderly and soon declared done. 


E sat and worked for a while, slowly and carefully pushing in each pin. He was quite happy and content doing this and then carried his creation around the house, even holding it for cuddles and reading time. 


My view from the kitchen as the boys worked. 🙂 C got out the jewelry box and awarded himself a medal then I had to award him with it. It seemed very formal and I think he was inspired by The Wizard of Oz, which we watched last week. 


Then C tore off his shirt and raced around the house, claiming we should all do the same since it would help us go really fast.


E played upstairs with little toys animals and C needed his baby, Ezra Cotton, tied ot him in a baby carrier. 

Finally Mario and a late lunch. 

Followed by a very unsuccessful quiet time. I eventually yelled upstairs for the kids to just come down and put on coats to go outside. Their faces immediately brightened and they proceeded to spend 2 happy hours wandering the yard and woods. C found wood for a slingshot, E was wet and muddy, and now the yard is a bit messier and goopy. Also, when leaving to meet family at a restaurant for dinner, we got locked out of our house. No car keys, no extra house key, no garage door opener. I’d locked all the doors and the windows were of course secured. So we waited in the van and outside for 1.5 hours for a garage door opener delivery. Glad it was 50 degrees out and not 30! Also, we had no coats since the boys told me they didn’t want their’s while we were leaving….