Friday the trees were covered in frost and sparkling in the sunlight. It was lovely shining through the windows of the project room. 🙂 It’s nice when life is pretty AND calm. 

We went to the downtown library last that morning for a quartet performance by the local symphony. C and E briefly played the tiny violins but violins aren’t new to them since they spent about 6 months playing with and destroying my cheap one. Some people have orderly children who sit quietly and don’t break things. Not me. 


Elevators: always the most exciting part of a downtown library visit. 

I don’t know what we did the rest of the day. Mario? I finished a book. I assume we ate and finally went to bed.

Saturday C woke up at 6:00 and after some cuddles he and E went right to work. I rushed around and packed things for a weekend away (wedding! swimming! hotel!) and cleaned the van. 

It was nearing time to get changed when C decided to work with the Easter egg stuffing stuff. He calmly vacuumed up the (horrific) mess after and proudly hug up his art. The house needed swept anyway so this morning I go the last bits of the damned stuffing. It was nearly as bad as the styrofoam mess of 2014 but not quite. Then we dropped off Sadie at my mom’s, killed some time at the library (always following the rules you know), and picked up my SIL for the drive to the wedding. 

Wedding pics! Of us, not the happy couple. 😉 C is copying his 5 yo cousin’s pose in the shot with me and his dada’s pose in the shot with J. E is putting on his awesome sweetness and then his Fierce Face.

After a night spent losing an hour of sleep (DST, sigh) we went to Arcade Expo for 6 hours of playing pinball machines and old video games. 

C hauled his little white stool from game to game, thrilled and jumping from one sparkling electronic delight to the next. His favorites were a 3 different Mario games and he spent a lot of time there, practicing his moves! E just said “whatever” to the whole experience and stuck contentedly with us. It was very easy to wait with him in line at a popular game. He just wanted to be held and to talk to the parent who was with him. 

The boys fell asleep on the way home at 6:00 and woke this morning at 7:30. Over 13 hours of rest! The weekend wore them out and today I am drinking a lot of coffee today because I certainly did not get 13 hours of sleep.