Yesterday the van needed an alignment, today I dropped it off for oil change and 100,000 mile maintenance. So we spent another day at home, calm and quiet. Mostly!

C needed me to take his picture several times. His posed face is quite serious! The stick is clay he shaped in the pasta maker and then we baked (without burning it this time!) and now we have little clay sticks scattered around the house. Most of these pics he wanted to text to his dada, along with sweet little messages. 

E ate his lunch but only when I made his family members the food on the spoon. He got a kick out of his grandparents and aunts and uncles walking into his mouth and shrieking as he ate them. My darling little psychopath. 😉

This is often my view when I read to the boys. Their little heads get closer and closer to the book until I can’t see to read! 

And afternoon quiet time. Sigh. A silent hallway, except for the sound of two kids happily playing in their rooms. 

We played with the sand the boys’ aunt gave them for Christmas. E dropped 75% of his on the floor and didn’t even notice. Also, he had an accident and his pants got wet. I took too long to get new clothes so he just went back to playing!

C also enjoyed the sand, especially making birthday cakes with candles. 

And then there was the end of the day flour mess, right before we left to pick up the van. I should never take pictures of them when they do terrible yet cute things. It only encourages them! 😉

The messy crazies.