Wednesday was our first day down the driveway since Saturday. We ended up dropping the van off for an alignment and spending about 2 hours at the library (across the street). Storytime happily coincided with this visit and using the parachute. C loves it but E still stands next to me when all the kids go under the parachute.


We headed home for a quick lunch and E squeezed a meltdown in. He doesn’t have these very often! C is my intense kid who has the overflowing emotions. E’s sobs were about pizza, or lack of pizza, so J grabbed one on the way home and we all enjoyed pizza and Mario playing at dinnertime.

After lunch we went to gymnastics, the place where C never stops moving and E contentedly watches everyone move.

Then home for work and play. C made this with our new magnetic tangrams. It’s a dog going through a machine.


Finally I worked on the ceiling pulleys. The rule for them is only lifting lightweight object and now swinging the objects into people. We all had fun using them after a neck-craning installation! My neck is still a but achey today. 

Today we’re stuck at home again while the van gets an exhaust leak fixed. Vehicles. Sigh.