We stayed home Tuesday since the driveway was still impassable. It melted enough by the afternoon and I was able to finally get my vehicle down the driveway (with a lot of back and forth driving!).

The day started with a pillow fight. 


Continued with art. 

Moved on to making carrot cake cookies (omg, so “ummy” as E says)!

The boys made a fort in the upstairs hallway and (sort of) at their lunch there. Who can really eat lunch when you’ve had 10 cookies though? Fort was complete with trashcan, 2 lamps, 3 overflowing laundry baskets, and later their journals and more cookies. 

The boys and I went and got the mail and found a package awaiting us at the mailbox. C of course had to dig into it as soon as we made it home. E and I worked on getting the vehicles unstuck while C stayed inside and did this:

And abounded all his snow gear and packing supplies like this: 

E just wanted to play outside. This is his classic “I’m so hilarious and I’m going to get you!” face. I love it!


Then he moved on to other parts of the yard. He tromped around for close to an hour in all, happily consumed by the snow and exploration. He did come in once for a hat and gloves. Turns out that as long as he can walk through it, this kid really likes the snow! 🙂

Finally inside and E played with snow on the light table for a while. 


Meanwhile, C realized he could fill jars with different amounts of water and bang them furiously with a metal spoon to make music. I was certain he was going to crack a jar with his gusto but no! Then he decided he wanted to put different ingredients in the water jars to grow bacteria. So he dumped sugar, flour and milk, salt, and vinegar in different jars and we labeled them. The last stage of this project was to consume vast amounts of chocolate chips and drink milk from measuring cups. 

Both boys were pretty tired by bedtime and fell asleep quickly.