Yesterday we were snowed in. Didn’t pay anyone to plow our driveway so our vehicles currently can’t move. Today! Today it must melt. MUST.

C is cuddling on my lap and just told me: 1 5 8 7 4 spells clock! R u f g spells rug!

Yesterday started with making chocolate waffles. 

And yoga (?) on the counter. 


Moved on to painting. Look how orderly it all is!

Then more painting. After this, things dissolved into paint everywhere and I didn’t photograph is because I was so busy frantically containing The People Who Want to Do Everything With the Paint. 

Ended with this:

Then the kiddos spent half an hour at the sink, playing with sink toys, washing dishes, and ending just before cleaning all the paint trays and stuffs. 

The day went on and C built this (with glue gun help from me). It’s his pinball machine though it morphed into a marble chute?

E gleefully dashed around the house, making this toy sing at everyone. He was vastly entertained by it. 🙂