I haven’t really been in the mood to wake up early in the morning and write since sleep has been interrupted a lot by E waking way too much. His left molars coming in I think. The second set of molars on the right popped in (slowly) around Christmas but the left side has been taking its time. Teething sucks. I bet kdis don’t like it either.

Anyway, I get to redo the blog posts that were scheduled but never written and so there are a thousand pictures in this post. I’d like to remember them though so I’m writing about them. 🙂

J’s work hosts a Cabin fever party every February and this year we played lots of Mario Kart with our Mario obsessed kid. E dashed through the halls, delighted and shrieking with laughter. In his pjs since it was nearly 10:00 pm when we left!

Last Sunday (and today, also a Sunday) it snowed. E made playdough food and wanted to serve it to C. Just kidding, I just wanted to make this funny collage so I made it fit. 🙂

More snow fun. 


And more. We went down to the creek and walked on the frozen (and not so frozen) water. We went to the museum after school group day. Oh wait, this was almost 2 weeks ago. Wow, long time ago. E loves the train and C loves this glass making computer game. Also, that slug on C’s face is really silly putty that you can use to make skin on a dino skeleton. C repurposed it to spread germs all over his face. I was tired and let him. 🙂

My kids were ridiculous. Can you spy them hiding in the repurposed ball pit/pack and play? We tried out old air mattresses when I cleaned out a closet (go me!), E carried around lots of things at once, and C was a (naked) doctor checking my heartbeat. 

They ate breakfast with legos. Made cookies. Played more legos. 

We used our bubble mixture to do cool things with our newly created q-tip 3d objects. C had a small meltdown when i wouldn’t let him hit his brother (I’m such a Debbie Downer) and E took a picture of me helping him control his hands. Sigh, this is C’s constant struggle lately, thanks to February and cold.  

C wanted to make bigger bubbles (they kept popping in our small container) so he grabbed the cookie sheets and was delighted with the results. 

E enjoyed popping all the bubbles. It was a bit messy but that’s what this project room space is for!

We stopped at the airport for lunch and the boys were fascinated by the escalators and the planes. Mostly the escalators. 

It was cold. 

C wrote his first word (accidentally) by starting to write E’s name and adding on I (he knows that one) and then a letter in his own name. I didn’t see that it was DIE until I looked at this photo since from C’s perspective it was EID. Made me laugh! The boys set up a store selling catsup, old wine, and beer. They didn’t make much money. C made handprints (very innocent, nothing like his older brother) and C built a fort with blocks. 

School group was at our house and we played and made strawberry muffins using a cookbook my mom gave C. Great directions in it! Made a super tall cup tower then it collapsed and no one wanted to clean it up….. Sigh. C sat on my chest as I lay in his bed dying, and he and Dr. C attempted to save my life. E is a terrible care provider, leaning over and hugging my neck tightly, insisting I would be all right and that everything was okay. C wrapped my wrist in a bandage and attempted to tie it tightly for 5 whole minutes. I really need to seek better medical care. 

Mid afternoon one day C wanted to make dough so we had pizza for dinner. These kids are pretty good at kneading after all the dough we make around here (due to C’s love of mixing flour with liquid). 

They wanted to make pizza like Costco does, with automated machines but alas, we aren’t well equipped. While I wasn’t watching, E rolled his dough again AFTER putting on the sauce. 

Pizza dough was messy work so of course they had to bathe afterwards and then OF COURSE play naked. 

One day, after much frustration and work to help C control his hands and feet, I put him in the Ergo baby carrier. Little dude calmed down instantly and cuddled close to me. At 47 pounds, he’s a bit heavy to carry like that but it really helped. E wanted his picture take too. 

Went with our school group and my sister to caves for a warm visit. I didn’t know 52 degrees could feel so wonderful! C and a friend vied for leader position (behind our tour guide) and C’s cousin B wasn’t far behind. E mostly enjoyed it. He said it was fun but dark and little scary. 

This weekend we’ve played with legos, Mario, cooked, and relaxed a lot. Today we have 9+ inches of snow on the ground. 

Whew. Now maybe I can get back to waking up before the boys do. I don’t have a backlog of things to write about now!