Yesterday was one of those lovely, smooth, and delightful days.

First we retrieved the frozen balloons we had set out the day (or two?) before. Then there was chopping, peeling, and exploring. C quickly took off upstairs to enjoy a bath with one frozen sphere-ish shape. E stayed downstairs to litter the remaining balloons with letters and to “read” them to himself.


Then E joined C for a colorful bath. They ran hot water on the ice, ate it, and finally just took turns swimming in the greenish water. Not exactly peacefully, but hey, whatever. IMG_5282

Then there was more fun downstairs. C likes to line up letters and let me read aloud the resulting sounds. He’ll add on more and more and gleefully laugh at what it sounds like. Then me moved on to numbers and successfully read all the 0’s (he called them ‘o’) and 1-4 alone. All the capital A’s made a nice shape he thought.


E sat and worked with playdough the whole time. He sang and talked to himself, just cutting, smashing, and rolling the stuff. IMG_5253

Lunch was their current favorite: fruit, vegetable, and cheese sandwiches. These are really grilled cheese, ham, and spinach but that’s not what they call them. IMG_5250

Of course we had to play Mario. C is getting pretty good at it, trying levels he was previously too intimidated by. 🙂IMG_5264

Marble maze. This is not really a child directed activity since I MUST build the thing and make it awesome. I do give it to them to use and destroy after I have my fun. 🙂 We made a couple of these.


Lots of time has been spent the last 2 days with duplo legos. Both boys will work silently on these, often alone, occasionally side by side (though that causes conflict due to lego thievery!). IMG_5272

E moved on to working with his cash register, selling things and asking “how are you?” like I guess he hears cashiers say?IMG_5274

Bouncy balls got moved to a new box (omg, we have so many play boxes in the dining room right now!). IMG_5261

E and I made dinner while C worked on threading needles and stringing up these button creations. He gave them to me so I hung them where we could all see. 🙂IMG_5279

Also, I was instructed to hang C’s paper airplanes (last 1-2 weeks’ project) like this. I hung them improperly the first time and he carefully explained further how I need 2 strings to get them facing the right way and which way that should be. And then he checked on my work and finally approved. IMG_5275