“Yes sir Mama three bags full”- what E told me in answer to a question I asked him. Occasionally he’ll also do something like- “I open fridge ba ba black sheep!”. It’s his favorite song (Ba Ba Black Sheep) and apparently it inspires him to weave the lyrics into this everyday life. 😉

Yesterday we went to school group and then Costco to get new tires. Nothing like spending $600 on new tires (and a new valve sensor since ours broke off). The boys and I wandered around the store for 1.5 hours, ate pizza, watched pizza being made, ate free samples, explored the books (especially the noisy books!), and played with the electronic stuff.



Then we went home, opened our cheap IKEA delivery (new stools for project room and step stool for kitchen) and played in boxes. I want to go curl up with my new tires but they are wet and cold so I’ll wait a couple months.IMG_5214