If you look at these pictures carefully, I think you’ll notice E went through 3 changes of clothes today, 4 if you count his morning pajamas. Everyone, stand back and learn from us what REAL homeschoolers do. Change clothes, bathe, and make funny faces. Very often.

We filled balloons with water and food coloring and tossed them out the front door for freezing. Then E wanted to play outside. C made hot cocoa and E finally came in for some warmth. I put his hot cocoa in a sippey cup since he forgets he’s holding it and spills it and hot cocoa isn’t as easy to clean up as water. Then E took his first sip, was surprised it wasn’t water and promptly spilled it all over his clothes. Later he poured the rest of it in a little pot in his little kitchen and, judging from his face, he drank it from the pot.




Crazy hot cocoa chef. IMG_5176


Playing Miss Sue, something I’ve rediscovered to help C get his wiggles and hand tickles out. E loves it too. IMG_5183



Then we tied balloons and ribbons to sticks, fished, and played swords. Sometimes carefully. Sometimes not. IMG_5208


Somebody got sticky or wet so that meant bath time. And since it’s the beginning of the week, it was also hair washing day. IMG_5197

Later we made cardboard robots. And decorated them with stickers. And the boys wanted their hair in ponytails and pigtails but you can’t see it with all the curls. IMG_5206

Then I read 20,000 books, helped the boys fall asleep, folded billions of clothes, and went to bed.