We did lots of awesome things on Thursday, really, we did. The boys carefully examined the innards of the toilet for a while. IMG_5137



Storytime at the library and the craft involved food!!! And a V-Day treat from the teacher!






Then lunch, some Super Mario together, and project time. E loves squirting glue and glitter glue. IMG_5141




C is still interested in paper airplanes and we made a couple side by side. IMG_5140

E moved on to playdough. IMG_5143

C moved on to building at the light table. IMG_5148

Making a rhombus he said. IMG_5144


E joined us with his “guy”. IMG_5145


C asked: you were a teacher once, right? Me: Yes. C: Can you teach me about personal space on the chalkboard? Me: Sure, how about the dry erase board? C: okay!

Perhaps I also need to teach him about a little thing called Cabin Fever and Not Being Able to Recharge One’s Mind Outdoors Due to Extreme Cold.  IMG_5150


The boys wanted their journals and drew people who needed personal space.



C taught E about personal space. IMG_5151

Personal space is tough lately and somedays I focus on everything that is NOT going well. And my kids start to focus on it too. And all I want is a quiet moment to think and reflect and all they want is a quiet moment to cuddle and tickle and reconnect. Things are awesome and awful, alternating so as to make us crazy.

So I’ll leave you with this: my kids clinging to my legs, sobbing. Because the whole day was NOT filled with Awesome Things. And I guess that is just Life.