C invited us all to his tea party. IMG_5112

I was strongly encouraged to provide honey AND maple syrup for the tea. This made the attendees very happy but weirded me out a little.


There were a few content and quiet moments in the day, this being one. Otherwise we engage in civil war and make every attempt to drive everyone deep into the misery that is Mid February With Small Children. IMG_5107

We went to gymnastics and C fell onto a balance beam on his nose. This required a quiet room fro recovery. E made funny faces. IMG_5134

Then recovery was finished and everyone went back to bouncing and fun.IMG_5135

Mid-afternoon snack of the boys’ new favorite food: grilled cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and spinach sandwiches. IMG_5132

E chanted my phone number while pretending to type it on the numberpad of his cash register. IMG_5133

It was a nice day. Today has been worse. I’ll maybe work up the courage to tell you about it tomorrow though delving into the bickering and emotions of small children could be deadly.