I’m still reading How To Talk So Kids Will Listen (for co-op school group), finished The Tiger in the Smoke (for library book group), and am currently wandering between The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. Tidying book is obviously NOT written by someone who has kids who walk around the house clutching small toys which they randomly discard ANYWHERE. But there are some good ideas in it for keeping things organized and “tidy”. Funny word. I heard an interview with the mortician author of Smoke and am eager to read this book more.

C was interested in The Lighthouse Family and Madeline a couple weeks ago. Last week he moved on to It’s So Amazing, a book about eggs, sperm, and how babies are made. Bodies are really intriguing to him, especially since he’s the kind of kid who wants to know how things work. Speaking along those lines, How Things Work (a Christmas gift from my mom) was also having every detail studied last week. C went and asked our librarian for one of his past favorites, Molly Banaky, so we’re reading that too. For C’s bedtime books, J is reading him The Moffats and Freddy and the Spaceship.

For about 2 weeks, E loved In the Night Kitchen (which C enjoys also). The illustrations of the nude main character just tickle E’s mind every time we read it. I suppose it’s the first book he’s read with a naked person in it? He also repeatedly questions Mickey being buried in bread dough and WHY does that happen? 😉 Nuts at Bedtime is losing its #1 Bedtime Book spot recently. New favorites are We’re Going On a Bear Hunt, Easy Street, and Peaceful Piggies.