Today was the Valentine’s Day Party for our little school group. C’s second time making and giving Valentines and he was again confounded by the idea. Then he got into it, and at the party he carefully dropped one Hershey Kiss and one Valentine in each bag/box.IMG_5073


Opening them was so exciting! A bag filled with little treats and cards?!?! Yes please! 😉 E went along for the ride but was pretty nonchalant. IMG_5077

E did like the pets at our friend’s house. A tiny dog!IMG_5081


And a rabbit! IMG_5084



One of the Valentines was a small balloon that inflated itself with a chemical reaction (I opened one with the kids but we couldn’t identify out the liquid). You initially smack it to burst the tiny bag inside the balloon and mix the chemicals and then the whole thing would pop to life. Had all the kids waiting (at a safe distance) with bated breath. IMG_5079

We made it home around 2:00 and had bed jumping time. There was also an intense discussion about Data (from Star Trek of course) and how his head came off/he turned evil/star trek! led mostly by E. IMG_5092


Used a lucet to make some rope. C arranged the extra yarn and ended it with a check mark. IMG_5088

Look at the long arms!!!IMG_5102