While getting ready for the day the boys decided to take turns playing I’m Sick. Cause when can we really just get changed, brush teeth and hair, and leave the house? Never, it takes a lot more playing and stalling than that. So E was the sicko, confined to bed while C ran and got him a tray (banana and water bottle). Then E got bored and C took his Sick Person role with E as the caretaker. C took it to the next level and pretend vomited, much to E’s delight and we made a few slo-mo videos of this thrilling phenomenon. IMG_5067

Then we went to Restore, thrift store, and a restaurant for lunch. The boys like wandering around Restore and E is especially drawn to the toilets. He wandered off and found them, then shrieked to me from across the (small) store “Mama, guys have toilets!!” IMG_5047


Milkshakes after lunch! So exciting. I think E was worried I wanted a sip of his. In the car he tipped his cup to get the last bits and spilled it all over himself and the carseat. So now the carseat cover is clean and back on, the straps carefully wiped, the harness clip washed out with a toothbrush, and the whole thing need installed before we leave this morning. Also, while the spilling was happening, C’s delightful new toy, a bowling ball, was rolling around the back of the van. The scenario went like this “Hang on E, I’m going to pull over and wipe you off. C grab that bowling ball! E, hang on just a second! C, the bowling ball is going to crack the back door, please catch it! E, calm down, I’ll wipe you off soon! Ah, here’s a road, I’m turning here, hold onto the bowling ball!” I wiped E off with a pair of his spare underwear…..IMG_5068

Later there was bowling ball fun. IMG_5057

E rode the balance bike alone for the first time ever. Reluctantly. I think he enjoyed it. It was hard to tell with dashing around trying to clean my disaster house, helping C with his work, and running back to assist Worried E. But hey, he looks calm in this picture!! IMG_5059

C worked on making Valentines for our school group. He cut his artwork into smaller pieces, put a stamp on the back of each piece, and I wrote his name for him. Then he put them all in a box and we tied it closed. IMG_5058

Later there was more chaos, drumming on pots and pans, dinner was eaten and not eaten, ad I put the boys to bed early (their request) though C stayed up late due ot a few recent late nights messing up his schedule.IMG_5065

Finally I collapsed downstairs. Twenty minutes later I hear little feet pounding across the room and C dashes out to tell me E was awake. Poor kid’s mother neglected to put a diaper on him and he wet his bed. Sad way to wake up. 😦 Then there was laundry folding and a podcast, and finally I gave up and went to bed. Whew, this it totally one of those days when I’d smile sweetly at the person who says “love every minute of it, it passes too quickly” and promptly FLIP THEM OFF.