Friday we didn’t go to our school group since J’s car was in the shop (belts only needed tightened and not replaced, much cheaper!)

C harvested a couple of his spinach leaves that he’s been growing. Chopped them, put in his slow cooker, seasoned, and cooked to a crisp. That evening I emptied it out into the garbage disposer and washed the bowl….. Also, C found he has started growing his beard, just to let you know. That’s him checking it out in a mirror. This means he needs a desk since he needs to start working (like J?).


We made black bean cake. IMG_5031

Project time was a little scattered initially and we finally made a couple wire sculptures with beads. IMG_4975

Then the boys worked outside instead. IMG_4976

C found some balloons in the woods. The wind blows into our yard so occasionally we need to pick up some random piece of trash or something. Today it was two balloons. C worked on inflating one while E claimed the tiny heart. E and I made dinner and C continued to inflate things, attached balloons to his paper airplanes, and blew up stuff. E is showing us his classic “Hey, don’t offend me by taking my spoon/balloon/stuff!” face.  IMG_5032

Late in the night the boys both came into my bed and I slipped away to sleep alone in C’s. But hey, they are cute!IMG_5001

Saturday morning we painted the ceiling of the dining room!!! Only have the trim left to put in the skylights, caulk, paint, and done! Also, we put legs on our light table and can now use it easier, store stuff under it, and have another table surface for work. Ignore the kid with the headlight walking on the light table, that’s generally not allowed to happen in this house. IMG_5033

Then we hurried to get ready and head downtown to a hotel where my family was celebrating January and February birthdays. They all stayed the night but we just came for the pizza, cake, and swimming. Oh, and the cable channel showing Independence Day. 😉 C was crazy wild with excitement before swimming, so hard to keep him calm! Then after swimming wore him out he was absurdly exhausted and grouchy. E seems to have broken through his hatred of pools somewhat and enjoyed the “bathtub pool” and asked me repeatedly to “propeller swim” him in the big pool but I’m not that kind of mother. I don’t go in cold water. So after swimming E was happy and energetic, chattering away about life. IMG_5017

Sunday we cleaned our Saturday work mess, the boys played outside, and J ordered parts for the pinball machine.

J brought hot cocoa outside to the kids in their nice little house setup. IMG_5036

They are such old men. IMG_5037

Seriously, just look at E’s face! Now that I recall, the morning E was born, the midwife commented he looked like a little old man and had an old soul. It’s pretty true!IMG_5029

Of course, the faux facial hair really does complete the mask. 😉 And then there’s C, ready to smile and grab the camera.


And finally, yet another picture I’ve taken of C with a hand imprint on his face during sleep. This kid sleeps deeply and doesn’t move much because I have several pictures of this phenomenon.