Wednesday night I got a good night of sleep (only woke thrice!), woke at 6 for my exercise/meditate/blog/plan day time, and the kids and J woke late. It was a nice calming time to refresh and reprioritize while still getting a lot done. Just what I needed after 3 days of children on me seemingly nonstop.

Before breakfast my kids did a lot:IMG_4960-0

Then it was off to storytime (not a flattering shot of Miss Deborah, oops!) and our morning at the library. E finally managed to get up the courage to use the toilet there (automatic flusher! Eeek!) and C managed to ask Miss Diana for a book location (asking people for things is scary for him).IMG_4961-0

At home we ate lunch, cleaned, the boys watched 20 minutes of Daniel Tiger and played 10 minutes of Mario while I took my coffee break. 🙂IMG_4934-0

Then afternoon project time! E played pretend. Also, everyone, E has started to speak in complete sentences most of the time, it’s so cool! It’s all “whas Chis doing?” and “I hear a sound” and “Why my pants off?” and “I need a ganola baw”. He’s done complete sentences for a while but now he’s speaking them fluently the majority of his communication. I love verbal developments like this!!!IMG_4936-0

C focused on paper airplanes. He’s struggling with being independent on this since making precise and sharp folds is hard for him. But he really loves flying the planes, making videos, and doing tricks. Going to need to sit and plan a new route here with him, otherwise I’ll be a paper airplane making factory for a while. IMG_4935-0

Then we read, had snacks, made couch pillow forts, and started dinner. E was on one side of me opening tuna cans (carefully) and C was on the other mashing eggs yolk while I cut the whites. Cooking with kids. 🙂IMG_4962-0

The princess and the pea! Turned into a jumping game and The Floor Is Lava. IMG_4948-0

The boys saw J’s car pulling up and grabbed boots to dash outside for a greeting.IMG_4954-0

And then decided it wasn’t too cold for a quick play in the snow.


After we’d bundled them a bit better (though E had no socks on!) I left for my Thursday night out. C wanted to touch the car as it was driving away…… No way!IMG_4959-0

So the day went better! We were back to our normal schedule and routine, C and E got along and cooperated, C controlled his wild little fists, E didn’t pester C. I kept my cool. What an improvement!