This day wasn’t ALL bad but it was pretty terrible. We’ve reached that touch winter point where the kids are just irritating each other due to too much togetherness. Add in a few wretched nights of sleep, for me especially, and you get a a storm of fury stopping and starting all day. I awoke at 6:00 AM for my one silent hour of exercise, meditation, planning, and blogging and E woke and cried for me 5 minutes later. Finally got him back to sleep when C wandered in and needed cuddles to start his day. Then he left and E awoke but I’d almost helped him back to slumberland when J walked in and well, then E was up early, crying from lack of sleep. I wanted to cry too since it was nearly 7:00 and I had only 5 minutes of my rejuvenating morning time. Blurgh. It’s been a long week already. If you want to disagree, just go away and do it.

There were nice moments like this: IMG_4882


C played in the tub while E watched the washer go through nearly a full cycle. Being apart seems to help but it’s not something they are willing to do often. IMG_4881



C decided to spray and wash 2 light fixtures. IMG_4883


We did a  fun art activity with plastic wrap, paint, and a canvas I found at a garage sale last summer. Smearing the paint was sensory fun for the hands!IMG_4884




E hadn’t been interested in his lunch and by 1:00 it showed. He simply burst into tears and couldn’t do anything but sob. A granola bar (his favorite) quickly remedied things temporarily. IMG_4885


C and then E moved on to feeling the paint with their feet (naturally). IMG_4893


And when there were too many footsteps off the paper, I carried C upstairs to the tub  that hadn’t been drained and called for E to wait until I could grab him. He didn’t. So I handed out white washcloths and we had a “make your washcloth colorful!” challenge. C won, E tried. IMG_4923

We needed something to move on to that would stop the madness of fighting and soothe my exhausted brain so viola! Madeline! Out afternoon 20 minutes of Netflix turned into 2 hours because we all needed it. None of us were mature or rested enough to be nice anymore. IMG_4897

Then we spent an hour outside. Started sleeting while we were exploring but we had a lot of fun!IMG_4925

We fished and explored our unused cabin. Do you know how hazardous it is to walk around with a 4 yo and 2.5 yo wielding fishing poles? Their spatial awareness is SO not fully developed yet. IMG_4907

C fell in the mud, walked in the creek, and paid attention to what felt safe and didn’t. His awareness of safety is getting very tuned to his surroundings. He did get one rubber boot flooded with freezing creek water and ignored it. I discovered when about 30 minutes later when he asked me to empty his boot on the road while we walked home. Poor kid cried at “the tingles” in his feet and hands when they hopped in the tub later at home. IMG_4906



The small hill at the front of our driveway must have seemed unsurmountable to E since he felt the need to crawl UP it. Then he remembered our ice sledding adventure last month and attempted t slide down our thawed driveway. Fo about 5 minutes all together. Pretty hilarious to watch. I eventually left him behind and walked to the house to follow C. That’s when E went to the front door and accidentally peed on the front doorstep. Couldn’t hold it anymore and couldn’t get inside alone since C and I were by the garage and not near him. IMG_4922


After bath and fresh clothes we made hot cocoa. And promptly dirtied the fresh clothes. There was a repeated marshmallow theft which caused me to simply stuff ALL the marshmallows in the trash can. So much easier than teaching my kids will power and limits when I have none. IMG_4924


Later I attempted to make dinner but was repeatedly interrupted, once by E cleaning the toilet bowl with toilet paper and his bare hands. Can’t remember much more than that but life got a little better after bedtime, helped by lots of cursing (by me) during our weekly talk about calendar, finances, and life AND mostly by 1.5 glasses of wine.