Monday we went to my sister’s house and ended up spending the day there. The boys had a wonderful time seeing 4 of their cousins and I enjoyed talking with my sister. IMG_4863

Smoothie making in the morning. E has it mastered. C was handed down J’s old iPhone 4 so he’s basking in the excitement of all his new read-aloud apps (and 4 games). IMG_4857

Tuesday we saw a train on the way to our school group so we pulled over in a parking lot to let it catch up to us. Watching trains is such a thrill for these kids of mine! The road we take to the highway is beside the track so we often get to stay with the train for most of our drive. IMG_4859

School group fun! Today was chemical reactions, which for preschoolers pretty much means lots of different activities using baking soda and vinegar. I also brought along some cornstarch for making gook cause really, when do you NOT need a good batch of it?IMG_4874




C’s awesome outfit and messiness. IMG_4875


Tiny volcanoes!IMG_4866


Also, Tuesday turned out to be a spectacularly awful day. The boys slept uncharacteristically terrible and I was up for 2 looong stretches Monday night. Which also meant their sleep was interrupted so there was a joint meltdown Tuesday afternoon which ended with my kids eating dinner in bed and me reading to them. I’m documenting this here so when I am 80 years old and sobbing hysterically from lack of sleep, C and E will semi-calmly comfort me and bring a tray of delicious food to me in bed. Hopefully it will be cookies and brownies and not PBJs, sauerkraut, and salad. IMG_4876