Friday we went with our school group to the Humane Society downtown. J’s old boss runs the place now so he gave us a tour and a dog trainer showed us how to approach and deal with dogs safely. It was a very nice facility and I wanted to take home all the kittens. IMG_4707


Came home and did stuff? Drew on the dry erase board upstairs. C drew J with a beard with thought bubbles coming from his head. I don’t remember what J was thinking. 😉IMG_4712


E wanted me to draw repeated “angee faces” so I made a couple and he scribbled over them. His art expertise currently is fast and quick scribble strokes. 😉IMG_4713

We then proceeded downstairs to do some body art. IMG_4716




Moved on to using one’s body as stamp.






And smash your stomach onto the paper! That’s right, you’ve got it C!IMG_4721






Naturally E had to strip naked and help add a little weight to C’s body stamp. Everyone, LOOK at the project room filled with amazing supplies and media and my kids choose to to NAKED BODY STAMPING. It’s kinda funny. 😉IMG_4724


Later C made boiled eggs and E, who dislikes the yolk, rubbed his all over the counter and in his hair. IMG_4731



Saturday morning! We got up and ready for several errands and lost our eldest. Turns out he was running in the freezing cold wearing “boxters”, superhero cape, jacket, and boots. He came in when he got a little cold…..IMG_4739

He’s bee ticking, touching, and pestering E often lately so we brainstormed and drew a person on the chalkboard for him to bother. Kinda worked. Here he is, posing with his person.



E hid like a baby in a womb in this laundry hamper from the boys’ room.




Then we left to sign up with a new phone carrier (1.5 hours), ate at a yummy Cajun place (went as well as it could having just made the kids stay still for 1.5 hours)(it went not fantastic), to the bank to close an account, and grocery for dinner supplies. Whew. Back home and time to have J’s parents over for pinball machine repair and Ponyo soup dinner!



Sunday J and I worked a couple hours on reorganizing our financial goals and budget. Feels good to have that addressed and a lovely spreadsheet staring neatly back at me with all our plans and a thousand numbers. The boys wandered and played Mario.

After lunch we moved the upstairs dry erase board to the project room. C and E sold cookies and C dictated his phone number to me.IMG_4776



Cookie selling station. We sell a variety of foods in this location at random times during the year. IMG_4777


New dry erase board! Good news is that all our purchases lately have been with my credit card (thawed from its’ icy bed for this purpose) and now we have enough credit card points (combined with a giftcard from my dad) to buy a MITER SAW! For cutting trim!!! We’ll put it up around the board some day. IMG_4800


Then we moved upstairs to put together C’s bed. E hung out with his fire truck, C made a special bed in my room on the floor. They both alternately helped and injured themselves during the bed making process. And ate snacks. IMG_4848


And finally. My kids are not sleeping on mattresses on the floor. In fact, no bed in our house is just a mattress on the floor anymore. I feel so grownup. IMG_4852

Later we ate leftover Ponyo soup for dinner while watching Ponyo and I made a monthlong meal plan and did other worthwhile things.

Also, both my kids were in THEIR OWN BEDS when I awoke this morning. E needed a cuddle from me and one from J during the night but for the first time EVER, he is going to wake up in his own bed. Well, he’s only been sleeping in his own bed for a couple weeks. BUT STILL. No one crawled into my bed last night and I only woke up once!!!